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Daytona Beach Nearshore Fishing Charters
Captain John Schmidt & Floating Time Charters
Fishing charters depart just minutes from Daytona Beach!

Captain John holds up a big cobia he caught while fishing in Daytona BeachCome Fishing along the beautiful Shores of Daytona Beach with Captain John!
On Nearshore Fishing Charters with Captain John and Floating Time Charters, we fish in Florida state waters which extend up to 3 miles offshore.

For Charter prices please see our Daytona Beach Fishing Rates page.

Within the 3 miles of state waters there are plenty of fish to catch on a nearshore fishing trip with Captain John! We primarily bottom fish the extensive artificial reefs near shore for large adult Redfish, Flounder, Sea Bass, Whitings, Mangrove Snapper and Lane Snapper. We can also troll near shore for Sharks, Cobia and Spanish Mackerel.

A bull redfish caught nearshore by Daytona Beach Our Nearshore Fishing Trips are ideal for families and first timers who are new to fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. First of all, we are always in sight of land, which can be reassuring to first time saltwater anglers. And if the weather turns for the worse, we can always get back to port quickly or even fish the protected waters of Ponce Inlet at the mouth of the Halifax River if the waves further offshore get too choppy for comfort.

A big advantage of a nearshore fishing trip for first timers and experienced anglers is we'll spend less time getting to the fishing grounds and more time fishing!

Sharks and Cobia patrol these nearshore waters!
Shark hooked on a recent Shark fishing tripCobia are migratory fish. They spend the winters in the warmer waters of the Florida Keys but in the Spring and Autumn, they can be caught near the Daytona Beach shore as they migrate north in the Spring and south in the Autumn. Cobia will even enter Ponce Inlet at the mouth of the Halifax River in search of prey.
See more about Fishing for Cobia in Daytona Beach.

Sharks are plentiful in state waters just off the coast of Daytona Beach and are often encountered on our nearshore fishing charters. Few beach goers are aware that sharks patrol the waters just off the beach, just beyond the breakers. There are many varieties of sharks in these waters including bull sharks, sharpnose sharks, blacktip sharks and even hammerheads! Captain John of Floating Time Charters loves to go fishing for sharks! Captain John will be glad to arrange a shark fishing trip where he will help you target these sharks that live near the Daytona Beach shore.

Flounder are plentiful on our Daytona Beach nearshore fishing chartersIt’s Shark Week All Year Long in Daytona Beach!
If you want to fish specifically for sharks, Captain John can arrange a fun filled shark fishing trip just for you!
For more information about shark fishing with Captain John see Daytona Beach Shark Fishing Trips.

A little about the Artificial Reefs near Daytona.
Beginning in 1980, the county of Volusia (which includes the towns of Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach and Ponce Inlet) has put in place an extensive artificial reef system that begins just one mile from shore all the way to 33 miles offshore.

These reefs, which primarily consist of discarded concrete structures such as concrete culverts and bridge platforms, have proven to be a huge success with fishermen in the Daytona Beach area. There is even a sunken ship, the World War II Liberty ship USS Mindanao, that is part of the artificial reef system. The A Lane Snapper caught while fishing the artificial reefs near the Daytona Beach shoresunken ship is a lot further out than we will go on our nearshore fishing charters but mentioning it here will give anglers an idea of the commitment Volusia County and the state of Florida has made to developing this highly productive artificial reef system. Altogether, over 100 barge loads of culverts and other concrete structures have been deposited off the shores of Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach.

There are plenty of artificial reefs within the 3 mile state waters limit for us to fish.
This artificial reef system has been a boom for bottom fishing and we will take full advantage of them on our Daytona Beach nearshore fishing trips.


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