Frequently Asked Questions About Our Charters

Q: Why should we choose Captain John and Floating Time Charters instead of the others?

A: Captain John is a second generation professional fisherman, born and raised right here in Volusia County and has fished the waters around Daytona Beach his entire life. He knows the local fish and their habitats! Captain John is a friendly and hard working fishing guide who loves working with children and families as much as he does with experienced anglers. In addition to his fishing skills, Captain John has a friendly, cheery personality and he will do his best to ensure you have a great day fishing in Daytona Beach!


Q: Do I need a fishing license?

A: No, Floating Time Charters provides Florida State fishing licenses for everyone fishing on the charter.


Q: What else does Floating Time Charters provide?

A: We supply all bait, tackle, fishing equipment, ice and ice chests for a day of fishing. We supply a cooler with ice for your food and drinks. If you want to bring you own coolers, please keep them to the 6 pack or 12 pack size for storage consideration on the boat.


Q: What should I bring for my trip?

A: Sun screen, hats and sunglasses are essential. We recommend long, loose, light colored clothing for the most comfort and protection from the sun. A rain pancho or a water resistant windbreaker is a good idea since rain is always a possibility in Florida.

Bring enough drinks to stay hydrated. You will probably get hungry at some time during the charter so feel free to bring something to eat as well.

A camera is also good to have!

And don’t forget a cooler for you car, to bring your catch home. We will have ice!


Q: Can I bring my own fishing gear?

A: Yes, you are welcome to bring your own rod/reel/tackle if you’d like. However, it is not necessary to have any fishing equipment or tackle since we have everything you need to fish.


Q: Can we keep the fish we catch?

A: Yes, every species of fish has a different size limit and bag limit but there are some species that may not be in season during our charter. As long as it’s legal to keep you are more than welcome to bring it back with you. Captain John will let you know what is legal to keep!


Q: What about cleaning the fish?

A: We will clean and fillet your fish for you when we return to dock. You can it home with you or to one of the nearby restaurants will cook it for you.


Q: How many people can Floating Time Charters accommodate?

A: All our charters can accommodate up to 6 persons. Multiple boats are available for larger parties.


Q: Are children allowed on the boat?

A: Absolutely! Captain John welcomes kids of any age and entire families. We are a Family Friendly charter service!


Q: Do I need any fishing experience to take a charter with you?

A: Not at all! Captain John loves showing first timers how much fun fishing can be! All skill levels from professional to novice are welcome! Captain John will tailor the trip to suit your needs!


Q: Can we bring alcohol on board?

A: Beer and wine are allowed but NOT in glass bottles. Hard liquor is NOT allowed. Any wine in glass bottles must be transferred into a non-glass container before leaving the dock.


Q: What is not allowed on board?
In addition to hard liquor and glass bottles, dark soled shoes, spray on sunscreen and any illegal substance (no matter how minor) are not allowed on our charter boats.


Q: What about tipping?
A: Tipping, like for any other service, is a personal choice. A gratuity of 15 to 20% is customary on fishing charters and is always greatly appreciated.


Q: What time of the day do you start your fishing trips?

A: Above all this is your fishing trip so Captain John will work with you to begin the charter at a time convenient for you. Please remember that there are several factors that affect the success of any fishing trip including weather, tides, time of year, and even the prime feeding times of various species. Captain John will usually set up the day you want to fish and then firm up the time and location a few days before the trip.


Q: Where do we meet?

A: Captain John uses 4 public boat launches all within 6 to 14 miles of downtown Daytona Beach. He will work with you to choose the boat launch most convenient to you and nearest the fishing hot spots we want to go to.
For maps and directions to the boat launches see our Where We Depart page.


Q: How early should I arrive for my fishing trip?

A: Please arrive fifteen to twenty minutes before the scheduled charter time. By this time the bait and ice will be loaded on board and Captain John will be ready to load your personal things.


Q: What if the weather forecast looks bad?

A: Captain John will keep in touch and communicate with everyone leading up to the fishing trip. If it’s not going to be fun out there will be no trip and your deposit will be refunded. Above all Captain John wants you to have a great fishing trip and not a bad weather experience!


Q: In addition to a tip, is there any other way to show appreciation to Captain John for a truly great and memorable fishing trip?

A: Yes, We would love to place your best fishing photos from your trip and any comments you have on our website!
Email: john@floatingtimecharters.com
Also, if you had a truly great fishing trip, any favorable reviews you would like to place on Google, Trip Advisor, etc. would be greatly appreciated!
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Thanks from Captain John!


Captain John offers inshore and offshore fishing charters, shark fishing trips and scenic boat tours.
When you’re ready to have fun on the water in Daytona Beach, contact Captain John of Floating Time Charters.

Floating Time Charters is Family Friendly! Kids are Always Welcome!
Captain John works especially well with families, children and first timers. He will work hard to ensure that you and your family have a great time fishing!

For Fishing Pictures from Floating Time Charters with Captain John Schmidt visit our Photo Gallery