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Floating Time Charters specializes in Daytona Beach fishing trips

Photos from our Family Friendly Fishing Charters in Daytona Beach, Florida

Captain John is very patient with children and loves taking families on a fun fishing adventure!
Plenty of dolphins, manatees and exotic waterbirds to see, too!

This young angler caught this sheepshead near Daytona Beach, Florida The ladies especially enjoy our gentle inshore fishing charters Family fishing fun in Daytona Beach Catching redfish with Floating Time Fishing Charters

Fishing Fun for the Whole Family!
The Halifax River Basin and the Intracoastal Waterway near Daytona Beach produce a wide variety of saltwater species. These happy anglers were on inshore fishing charters with Captain John and Floating Time Charters of Daytona Beach, Florida.  From left to right are a Sheepshead, a Ladyfish (with the lady) a Pompano and a Redfish. Redfish are especially popular to catch along the mangrove lined shorelines of the Halifax River and the mangrove mazes of the coastal marshes.

This young lady caught a sheepshead on a Daytona Beach inshore fishing charter Fishing for flounder with Floating Time Charters A redfish caught while fishing near Daytona Beach, Florida Another slot or keeper redfish caught wiith Floating Time Charters

Take the Whole Family Fishing with Captain John!
Captain John and Floating Time Charters of Daytona Beach, Florida specializes in affordable family friendly fishing trips! Captain John can help you put together a fun filled, memorable day on the water at a price you can afford.
 Captain John specializes in making families smile!

Floating Time Charters of Daytona Beach, Florida are family friendly Fishing for sharks is exciting for the whole family Children are always welcome A nice pompano caught on a nearshore fishing trip

This young fisherman had the time of his life catching sharks along the Halifax River on an inshore fishing charter with Captain John Schmidt and Floating Time Charters! That’s a Shovelhead Shark (also known as a Bonnethead Shark) in the first photo and an Atlantic Sharpnose Shark in the second photo.

Ladies, Kids and First Timers are always
Welcome on our Family Friendly Charters!

Catching seatrout with Floating Time Fishing Charters Girl with hammerhead shark Mother and son show off their catch Plenty of bonnethead sharks in the Halifax River
This young lady is showing off her shark catch This lady went saltwater fishing for the first time This young angler caught this flounder near Daytona Beach, Florida Boy standing with shark caught on our Daytona Beach shark fishing trip
FTC-fishing-charters-3 A good time fishing with Captain John Captain John and Floating Time Charters are great with kids Fishing is fun for the entire family
Having fun fishing offshore with Floating Time Charters in Daytona Beach Inshore fishing on the Halifax River near Daytona Beach Red snapper caught while bottom fishing with Floating Time Charters
This young man went fishing with his dad for the first time
Shark fishing off the coast of Daytona Beach
Shark fishing for the whole family A shark caught while fishing on the Halifax River near Daytona Beach, Florida A young hammerhead shark

The whole family will love fishing for sharks with Captain John!
There are plenty of sharks in the area if you know where to go like Captain John! Sharks are extreme fighters when hooked and a lot of fun to catch for fishers of all ages both experienced and newcomers. Contact Captain John about arranging a shark fishing trip that your family will never forget.
Inshore, Offshore or Fishing for Sharks the Whole Family is Welcome!

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